About Montenegro


                  It bewitched Lord Byron and it will cast a spell on you too!

In the morning mists roll up the mountains and in the evening the crags turn vivid pink as the sun sinks behind them. It is like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia and the vista is so unexpectedly grand that it takes a while for your brain to process what your eyes are seeing.                                                                                                                        Montenegro has glorious coastlines with a backdrop of mountains, four national parks of great natural beauty with a significant amount of wildlife as well as a very diverse selection of flora and fauna.                                                                                                                                   It boasts the second deepest canyon and a host of historic towns and monuments. Montenegro is a stunning country that is a fascinating as it is challenging.                             Montenegro can offer an extended seven-months season for those wishing to avoid the heat.                                                                                                                                                      In mid-September Montenegro is still amazingly verdant, and you will be transported by the smell of thyme and bay, pomegranates ripening in the trees, the views across the water to the islands and villages-and the timeless peace.

Of the many exciting things to do during your visit to Montenegro  you may discover that doing absolutely nothing is your favorite of all.                                                                            Slow down, sit still and soak up the sun, sand and serenity found atop the breathtaking grounds of Montenegro.

Sunbathe. Montenegro’s coastline offers some of the Adriatic’s finest beaches – 117 in all – and the clearest, sparkling blue-green seas, so whether you’re sunbathing or swimming, you’ll be in heaven. Stretched along the shoreline, you’ll find secluded rocky coves only accessible by boat, romantic inlets and vast crescents of golden sands, many awarded with blue flags, all overlooked by medieval walled towns, aromatic pine forests and sheer mountains plunging into the sea. Around Budva, there are numerous idyllic sandy and shingle beaches, whilst Sveti Stefan boasts two gorgeous pink sand stretches to laze on. And if you fancy stealing away to a quiet pebbled cove, some of the best lie amid the craggy cliffs between Budva and Petrovac.

See the mountains. The mountains of Montenegro are some of the wildest, most spectacular, and least visited in Europe. Nevertheless they are easily accessible, and many areas have well-marked trails. They present an opportunity to travel through outstandingly beautiful and remarkably unspoilt natural scenery, which as yet sees few visitors. Most visitors currently visit the country for the beaches, but activities such as hiking, biking, water rafting and trekking are rapidly gaining in popularity.

Visit the lakes. Montenegro’s lakes offer stunning views and an impressive collection of wildlife, including several species endemic to the country.                                                   There are 40 lakes in Montenegro, and eighty percent of the territory is comprised of forests, natural pasturelands and meadows.                                                                           Lake of Scadar is the largest lake at Balkan Peninsula one of the last fresh water spaces and largest national park in Montenegro and the most famous for its diversity of flora and fauna.                                                                                                                                            Around the slopes of Durmitor Mountain, and ranging outwardly into Durmitor National Park which also covers a large mountain plateau called Komarnica, you will find over 18 glacial lakes.  They come in a range of sizes, but at the feet of Durmitor Mountain you should see Black Lake in particular.                                                                                                In the very heart of the forest, at a height of 1094 meters above sea level is Lake Biograd.The unique blue green color is caused by the thick woodlands reflected in its water.

Visit a World Heritage Site. Kotor made UNESCO’s exclusive list for a reason. It’s one of the best preserved medieval towns in the region and contains plenty of historical artifacts for the history-loving visitor to appreciate.Founded by the Romans on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro, Kotor developed in the Middle Ages into an important commercial and artistic centre with its own famous schools of masonry and iconography. Throughout the centuries, many empires battled for control of the city. The ancient fortress above the bay and old town commands breathtaking views. Kotor town’s architecture is distinctly Venetian and it has a labyrinth of winding, cobbled streets. 

The Tara Canyon. The Tara River Canyon (Montenegrin: Kanjon Tare), also known as the Tara River Gorge, is the longest canyon in Montenegro and Europe and the second-longest in the world. It is 82 kilometers long and is 1,300 meters at its deepest. The canyon is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a part of Durmitor national park. The Tara River cuts through the canyon. There are rocky and pebbly terraces, sandy beaches, high cliffs, and more than 80 large caves along the canyon. The canyon is part of the Tara River rafting route.

 Mingle with the wealthy. The new Porto Montenegro ‘integrated resort’ and marina is an attempt to brand Montenegro the new Monaco – Russian oligarchs, models and politicians party here both on and off their yachts. Rothschild and other billionaire investors have backed plans to establish an Adriatic St Tropez at Porto Montenegro. Plans are also in place for an international school and golf course to cater for super-rich residents, while a nearby commercial shipyard is to be turned into a maintenance yard for super yachts. The biggest world rock ‘n’ roll band of all times, the Rolling Stones, had a concert in the capital of Montenegrin tourism – Budva, on the beach Jaz, also Madonna’s performance was spectacular! Montenegro was visited by many famous people- Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas ,Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Andrea Bocelli, Beyonce,Pamela Anderson, Amanda Redman,Lenny Kravitz, David Guetta, etc. Montenegro was  20 years ago a place for popular celebrities from around the world. Among them the legendary La Pasionarija, numerous Soviet Marshals – Timoshenko, Grechko, Kiriljenko, Jakubovski, famous writers  Andre Malraux, Alberto Moravia and his then-friend, a famous actress Monica Vitti, led by Soviet cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, the famous Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, film stars Sophia Loren and her husband, film director and producer Carlo Ponti,Gina Lorobriđida, Marina Vladi, Kirk Douglas, Sergei Bondarchuk, Sylvester Stallone, Jeremy Irons … and chess players Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky.                                      

Food and Wine. The Montenegrin waters of the southern Adriatic are rich in seafood with over 116 species of edible fish. We recommend the local mussels, crabs, oysters, shrimps, lobster and prawns not to mention European sea bass, sea bream, red mullet and mackerel. Mussels in bouzzara sauce is a particularly delicious entree. Coastal cuisine embraces a truly Mediterranean theme and features pastas, pizzas, pasticades, brodets, black rice risotto and risotto with other varieties of seafood. Local delicacies are roast lamb baked  under a bell on hot coals and ashes and Njeguski cheese, Njeguski smoked ham or prosciutto.                                                                                                                                 Montenegrin vineyards and the production of quality wine is part of the tradition of southern and coastal wine makers. The best known Montenegrin wines are the premium whites: “Krstač”, “Cabernet”, “Chardonnay” and reds: “Vranac”, “Pro Corde”. All of them are produced by the famous company “Plantaže”, but there’s also some home-made wines of high quality, like Crmničko wine.                                                                                          Being visibly drunk is a sign of bad taste and character in Montenegro: You may be invited to drink gallons, but are expected to be able to hold your drink. People also usually prefer to sip their liquor instead of emptying it in “bottoms-up” style. Be careful, “rakija”, a plum spirit (usually about 53% alcohol content), is stronger than expected, and will make you drunk fast!

                                                                                                                                   MONTENEGRO IS JUST PARADISE!                                                                                              ONE OF THE MOST MAGICAL PLACES TO VISIT!                                     


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